Kickoff: Welcome to Dog License Season

Posted November 14th, 2011 in featured by Dog Tag License

It’s that time of year again.  Starting December 1, 2011 it is time to renew your dog license or purchase a new license for a new family friend.  Here at Dog Tag License we would like to remind you why it is important to license your pet.

  1. It’s the Law!
  2. Buying a license can save your dogs life
  3. When local residents find lost dogs they can call animal services to locate the owner.  A licensed dog has owner contact information available and can provide this information to the dog finder.  In this case your dog never visits the local shelter.
  4. If your dog arrives at a shelter with a license you are contacted immediately.  Thousands of dogs are reunited in this way each year.
  5. If an animal control officer finds a roaming dog with a license the officer will call the shelter to get owner information and in some cases can directly return your pet.
  6. Your dog license shows you care for your pet and lets potential finders know your dog has all required vaccinations.
  7. Your license fee helps to support County dog shelters and services

Please keep in mind that standard registration periods typically run from December 1st to January 31.  If you don’t get your dog licensed during this period you will likely be required to pay twice as much for your license!

If you have any questions on the dog licensing process at your city, county or state please contact your local officials.