Clark County Dog Licenses Now Online

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Clark County Residents:  Click here to purchase your 2012 Dog License Online

Dog Tag License is happy to welcome residents of Clark County Ohio to the growing number of people able to purchase dog licenses online. John Federer and the Clark County Auditors office selected Dog Tag License for the online dog license system this fall and the solution was launched December 1, 2011. Many residents of Clark County have already taken advantage of the convenience of the online option and have been very positive about their experiences.

At Dog Tag License we are constantly looking for ways to improve our system and therefor have provided a survey for residents who are utilizing the online dog license option. So far we have received many responses and would like to share some of the highlights with out blog readers.

The survey asks simple questions about the purchase process and provides areas to give feedback and suggestions. We value this information and will use the data to improve the process in future years.

Now for the preliminary results:

1. How would you rate the overall license purchase process?
– The responses to this question are overwhelmingly positive with 73% of respondents indicating “Excellent” and an additional 22% indicating Good.  We are glad to hear that Clark County Residents understand how to purchase a dog license online and find the process to be easy.


2. How would you rate the checkout process?
– The responses to this question are overwhelmingly positive with 75% of respondents indicating “Excellent” and an additional 19% indicating Good.  At Dog Tag License we do everything possible to make the checkout part of the process extremely simple and easy to use.  We are happy to hear that Clark County Residents agree.

3. How likely are you to recommend the online dog license option to people you know?
– The responses to this question indicate that residents are “Extremely Likely” or “Very Likely” 85% of the time.  We know that making a recommendation for a product or service is one of the highest praises you can give and are excited to see a majority of users willing to give this option a recommendation!

4. How likely would you be to use this system in the future?
– The responses to this question indicate that residents are “Extremely Likely” or “Very Likely” 88% of the time.  These responses prove what we already know, residents like the convenience of an online option and are likely to return the next year once they experience the online option.


In addition to the questions with specific options we have added areas where residents can provide feedback on the process and suggestions for the future.  Below are some highlights from the responses received so far this year.

  • It was quick and easy.
  • Very convenient, simple, and easy to follow instructions…quick checkout.
  • Thank you for this online option. Makes things a lot easier in today’s busy times.
  • Nice website update. Keep up the good work. PS:  Love the photo on the main-page associated with the query about whether a homeowner thinks her or his house is valued correctly!
  • I liked the fact that the directions were simple and the process was very easy.
  • For busy people like myself this is a great thing. I almost always forget then end up getting the permit late.
  • Paypal!  Easy!
  • This makes it so much easier for me and others my age who have difficulty traveling due to physical handicaps.
  • It is a great time saver for people who are busy!.
  • Easy as 1-2-3
  • Worked very efficiently and was very quick–no hassle
  • I could purchase on line rather than going to a location to buy. This is the first time that I found purchasing the dog license a convenience rather than a bother.
  • The online process was excellent. I’m a computer systems analyst so I really appreciate a well designed application. Thanks!
  • Fantastic… this has been a long time coming and shows what a good auditor can do.
  • Thanks for allowing the use of PayPal… it made it that much quicker.
  • Overall a very nice system that is easy to use. It is a lot easier than mailing self addressed stamped envelopes.
  • Again, recommend adopting the same process for property tax payments.  Really progress

Thank you to the Clark County Residents for taking the time to provide feedback!  We really do value your opinion and will work to further improve the system in future years.

For others looking to offer an online dog licensing option we hope this data shows clearly that residents love this option.  If you are interesting in learning more please contact us now.