How it Works

The Dog Tag License ODTP system works seamlessly in conjunction with your current dog licensing process and greatly reduces the burden on your staff during license season.    The system offers a simple experience for your residents and advanced features for you to make the process as easy as possible.

High Level Processes (click to view details):

Resident Process

Your residents visit our secure website from a custom internet address (URL) dedicated to your online licensing and begin the process by selecting to renew an existing license or purchase a new license.   The resident then completes required license data (dogs name, breed, etc) and adds the license to their shopping cart.    At this point the resident can proceed to checkout or add an additional licenses before continuing.   The next and final step is a simple one page checkout process where your resident provides their address and credit card information and completes the purchase.  Once complete the resident automatically receives confirmation of their purchase via their email address.

Data Feed Process

The ODTP system makes it easy to load your existing data into the system.  This data allows residents to find their existing licenses and pre-configures the license detail page during the renewal process. When licenses are purchased the ODTP system provides various options including data feeds, administrative interfaces, and web service integration to provide the required data back to your systems.  Please feel free to contact us or schedule a demonstration for further details on this process.


The ODTP system handles payments from your residents and transfers the license fee and any additional fees to your county, state or municipality on a weekly or monthly basis.    These funds can be transferred via ACH wire transfer or by check.    Please feel free to contact us or schedule a demonstration for further details on this process.

Financial Process:

  • Resident visits secure website and provides credit card information
  • Credit card information is encrypted and sent over a secure connection to the merchant gateway
  • The merchant bank contacts the credit card networks to approve the transaction
  • Once approved the customer is allowed to continue to the order confirmation page
  • The transaction is completed and funds are transferred to the Dog Tag License merchant account
  • Dog Tag License transfers license funds via ACH wire transfer or check