One of the best features of the online dog licensing system from Dog Tag License is the project pricing.   In most cases the county, state or city does not incur any cost to implement the system – that’s right, you PAY NOTHING out of pocket.  The system is supported by small “convenience fees” that are paid by your residents.   These fees are added on to the license cost during checkout and utilized to cover credit card fees, project implementation, hosting, security and various other items paid for by Dog Tag License.

The convenience fee collected by Dog Tag License varies depending on a number of factors for your entity.

Factors effecting convenience fees:

  • License Fees
  • Penalty Fees
  • Postage Fees
  • Number of Licenses Purchased Annually
  • Previous Online License Purchase History

Please contact us or schedule a demonstration to review the details of your organization and get accurate pricing for your implementation of the ODTP system.